Project Manager


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Here are some of the key components that I feel are important to the successful delivery of projects

  • Asking the right questions upfront
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Clearly defining roles
  • Regularly revisiting the schedule
  • Communicating transparently


  • I have found nimble and visual tools to be the most efficient and understandable in team environments
  • I use an array of applications and processes to keep myself, my teams, the company and clients informed
  • Some of my favorite tools: Keynote, iCal, Basecamp, Merlin, Product Plan, Trello, Wunderlist and Google Docs


Kick-off Brief for Internal Team

A high-level brief is how I like to get my teams up to speed on what the objectives, timeline and individual roles are on a project.


Calendar View Schedule

Gantt charts can be purposeful and I certainly use them, but the simplicity of a calendar layout that everyone is familiar with speeds up comprehension of the tasks, deliverables and milestones.


Post Project Synopsis

A post-mortem overview is a great way to collect team feedback on how the project was run and I use the findings to facilitate a meeting with the company’s Leadership Team to discuss overall project success and determine how to improve upon similar efforts in the future.